The first music release on NFT in Russia
The first music release on NFT in Russia
The Misson of Era NFT Production
We consider NFT technology as a brand new standard for transferring musical art directly from its creator to listener. And we want to help Russian musicians by paving them a path to the world of the newest technologies and fair spread of the rewards of their labor.
Our first project - LABYRINTH - is named after the single composed and recorded by the Russian rock band "Autkast". We are proud that this single will be the first one in Russia to be released and distributed initially only in NFT format.
We believe that this project will become an example for the entire Russian show business, and it will demonstrate the huge potential and advantages of NFT technology for spreading the musicians' art to the whole world.
A part of the income from this project will be donated to support other musicians who will start realizing their creative music potential using NFT technology.
Turning dogmas to ash and smoke
Everyone wants to make the world a better place
Filling the empty labyrinth with the meaning
The path appears under the feet of those who are walking
quote taken from the new “Autkast” single
"The world is changing rapidly and is becoming more and more technological. Progress is a part of our life, an absolutely irreversible process.
But in this progress there is not always a place for the soul.
The digital world. Blockchain. New NFT technology. New reality. All this becomes breathing and alive only when you put the emotions into this future which has already come true.
This track tells us that we ourselves fill the empty labyrinth with meaning. And our NFT release, in collaboration with Salavat Fidai, symbolizes how music and visual arts together bring meaning to the new digital world.
And by filling this new world with the meaning, we are paving the new path."
Alex Pavlov
“Autkast” guitarist
"In my work, I always try to make experiments with different genres, techniques and materials. Now I have got a unique opportunity to take part in the creation of a very interesting project - the first NFT work in Russia. A collaboration between a rock band and an artist is always something unpredictable and exciting!"
Salavat Fidai
Artist and sculptor-miniaturist
NFT Collection “LABYRINTH”
The unique crypto art collection created in collaboration of metal-band “Autkast” and artist and sculptor Salavat Fidai, dedicated to the first music release on NFT in Russia
Single of “Autkast" band and exclusive cover by Salavat Fidai
100 NFTs.
The new single of "Autkast" is the first one in Russia which is initially released and distributed only as NFT. Each of these NFTs' buyers will possess the digital original of the band's new song in the newest format and the exclusive cover created by famous artist Salavat Fidai specifically for this single.

You can see the new single with its cover on and OpenSea.
The price for each of these NFTs is fixed and it is 0.027 ETH ($54, basing on ETH/$ exchange rate on July, 13th).
Golden Tickets
Its buyer will possess a package of unique privileges:
- free lifelong access to VIP seats at all “Autkast” concerts for 4 people,
- personalized CD record with the new single track, exclusive cover from Salavat Fidai and autographs of all "Autkast" members and Salavat Fidai,
- the new digital single track with the digital cover by Salavat Fidai,
- rare recordings from the band’s rehearsals and soundchecks, demo versions of the new single track
- animated golden card created specifically by Salavat Fidai for this set

The sale of Golden Ticket will take place at the offline auction "Pure NFT" in Moscow on 15th July 2021. You can see the Golden Ticket on the auction's website here.
Piece of crypto art by “Autkast” and Salavat Fidai
One unique NFT.
Its buyer will possess the unique video clip which was created by artist Salavat Fidai basing on the new single of the metal band "Autkast"

This audiovisual piece of art reflects one of the main problems of our time - the immersion of humanity into the world of social networks, the dissolution of personality in crazy information flow.

The new Digital world is beautiful, but it does not have a Soul. Monitor screens have replaced the real world for us, instead of people’s faces, increasingly we see only networks and gadgets. And we forget who we really are. Can we avoid getting lost in this digital labyrinth?

You can see this piece of crypto art on
Collectible NFT card by Salavat Fidai
100 NFTs.
Each of their buyers will possess the collectible NFT card dedicated to the first music release on NFT in Russia. The card was created by collaboration of the Russian metal band "Autkast" and the famous artist from Russia Salavat Fidai and . The card includes the image of the micro-sculpture "TV-MAN" created by Salavat Fidai on a tip of a pencil in 2020 and the fragment of the new song "Labyrinth" by "Autkast".

You can find this card on and OpenSea.
The price for each of these NFTs is fixed and it is 0.044 ETH ($88, basing on ETH/$ exchange rate on July, 13th).
Salavat Fidai
Artist and sculptor-miniaturist
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"Autkast" band
Russian metal band
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